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Why Choose Andrews Orthodontics

Why Choose Andrews Orthodontics

Choosing an orthodontist can be a difficult decision, so here are a few reasons our patients have chosen Andrews Orthodontics!

– We never let cost get in the way of a beautiful smile! We offer flexible financing to fit each individual’s needs.

– We are a “Guarantee My Smile” provider, which provides our patients the assurance of a beautiful smile for life!

– We are the #1 Choice of local dentists for their families’ orthodontic needs

– We offer a Retainer Replacement Program, which covers the cost of broken and lost retainers.

– We offer before and after school appointments for the least amount of school and work disruptions.

– We are comprised of a team of people who love to come to work each day and give our patients the extra confidence they deserve!

Scheduled your complimentary consultation and come see for yourself! Complete the form below to receive your special offer and to be contacted by a member of our team!

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