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Invisalign Teen


Like Invisalign, Invisalign Teen involves plastic trays that fit directly over your teeth. Each tray is meant to be worn in a particular order as they nudge your teeth into straighter and straighter positions. Based on the progress of movement, Dr. Andrews will instruct you on when to change out the trays. One issue with Invisalign is the aligners have to be worn consistently. If not, your teeth movements won’t progress according to plan, and as you put in new aligners, they won’t fit correctly.

There are two main differences between normal Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Invisalign Teen has:

  • a compliance indicator that shows whether the trays are being worn consistently
  • up to six free replacement aligners in case of loss or damage

Parents understandably want these assurances. With Invisalign Teen, they can verify that their kids are wearing their aligners as often as they should be, and they know they won’t have to pay extra if their children are careless with their trays. In actuality, at Andrews Orthodontics we’ve found that our teen patients are so excited to work towards a great smile that they wear their aligners as directed and are careful with them. But certainly, a little reassurance never hurts.

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