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invisalignInvisalign, one of the most exciting developments in the field of orthodontics over the last few decades, is a way to straighten teeth without braces. The main reason people choose Invisalign over traditional braces is that treatment is virtually invisible (hence the name).

Instead of brackets and wires, treatment involves transparent plastic trays that fit directly over teeth. When you’re wearing Invisalign trays, it will be hard for anyone to notice that you have them in. Invisalign is especially favored by our adult patients. We also offer Invisalign Teen for our adolescent patients.

Invisalign treatment starts with x-rays, photographs and a 3D scan of your teeth with our special scanner designed to eliminate impressions. This information is uploaded to a computer to render a 3D image of your bite. Dr. Andrews then uses the computer model to virtually “move” your teeth to their ideal positions. We send off this data to the Invisalign company which then manufacturers a series of unique trays and mails them to us.

Each tray is a little different and they need to be worn in a specific order. Dr. Andrews has a special method he uses for designing your Invisalign trays that is different than other Invisalign providers.  We promise that they will fit great and look clean using our special methods. Find out more when you come for your first visit.  As your treatment progresses, each new aligner will serve to bring your teeth into straighter and straighter positions. You take out your aligners to eat and drink, but otherwise they should be worn at all times. That way, you’ll ensure you’ll have a beautiful smile when your treatment is over.

Invisalign treatment times tend to comparable to traditional braces. Feel free to call us with any questions or just ask them at your complementary consultation.





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