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Treatment for Adults

If you’re an adult thinking about getting braces, we welcome you. Some of our newer adult patients feel self-conscious about wearing braces because they think of braces as belonging to the world of adolescence, but keep in mind that adults with braces are only becoming more common. When you go about your daily business, you’ll notice that many parents, college students, professionals, and even celebrities wear braces. At Andrews Orthodontics, about 20%-25% of our patients are adults.

Today’s orthodontics are more lightweight and comfortable than ever before, and technology keeps improving. If you’re concerned about standing out while in treatment, you can choose low-profile ceramic braces, lingual braces which are hidden on the backsides of teeth, or Invisalign which involve completely transparent plastic aligners.

Braces will allow you to have the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Enjoy more confidence in your personal life and career, and don’t forget about the health benefits. A straight smile and an aligned bite make it easier to brush and floss, decrease the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease, help to prevent bone loss around teeth, and prevent periodontal problems.


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