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college station braces
college station braces
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At Andrews Orthodontics, we believe in the power of a smile. Smiles have the remarkable ability to spread joy. From our corner of the world in College Station, Texas, we believe in empowering people to use their smile to make a difference in our community and across the country. If you haven't researched orthodontics much, you’ll be surprised by how fast, discreet, and comfortable today’s orthodontic treatments are. At Andrews Orthodontics, you can choose from various options to fit your lifestyle, whether you’re in your teens or an adult. All our patients are members of our extended family. We welcome you to our practice.

smiles that EMPOWER.

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"I started dancing when I was two. Now that I have a straight smile I feel like I can show the crowd an even bigger smile when I perform and it's great!"

- Claire

college station invisalign

"My daughter's treatment has helped her confidence. As a parent, it makes you sleep better at night knowing that she won't have those worries. "

- Lee Ann

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